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SFMS Science Olympiad

What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets where schools come together to compete in 23 science and engineering events all in one day!  Students select events that interest them and meet with coaches after school for training several times a week.

Throughout the training season, students not only enhance their science and engineering skills, but also get a chance to develop team-building through hands-on, group collaboration. The events range from engineering devices such as hand gliders, rockets, or hovercrafts, taking a written test, answering questions verbally, or participating in knowledge or skill based games.  One of the most awesome things about being on the team is that you can learn any of the subjects you are most interested in from insects to chemistry to environmental science!   Science Olympiad is a great extra-curricular after school activity, because not only is it fun, it builds confidence and science and engineering skills that are valuable in all walks of life!  We hope that you’ll join this year’s team.  Updates about this year's events and other information about this exciting academic extra-curricular program are coming soon!

Weekly Training Schedule will be updated soon!

The training schedule will be posted on here when training begins in October.