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This is another exciting year at Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School for the Language Arts Department!  For We are teaching a new Houghton McGraw Hill curriculum aligned with the Common Core Standards. In addition, the Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) modules are being used to support student learning along with writing development strategies from Document Based Question Units (DBQs).

Common Core Standards promote student proficiency in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Research & Inquiry. The English department utilizes cooperative strategies and the Houghton McGraw Hill curriculum to improve these four claims.

ELA teachers encourage independent reading development. The reading levels of all students at Santa Fe are measured four times a year using the Student Reading Inventory (SRI). Your student should share with you their reading level scores. Students should do a practice reading every night for at least 30 minutes. Parents and guardians are encouraged to engage students in their tasks by providing a quiet space for reading and an opportunity to check out books at the public library or our school library.

The teachers of English Honors classes maintain and promote rigorous learning strategies and creative forms of expression via structured discussions, presentations, and essay development.

Our English Language Learners will benefit from the EL components within the HMH curriculum and independent  Go Newcomers, depending on student reading-level measurements. Reading is promoted in all ELA classes, emphasizing independent reading every night.

The ELA department members meet regularly to discuss, plan and develop appropriate strategies for effective instruction for all learners. 

Our English department members include the following:

  • Ms. Nedra Graham - 8th Grade English;  AVID
  • Ms. Anna Hemingway - 6th Grade English
  • Ms. Wiley Magana-6th Grade English; 7th Grade English; Eighth Grade English
  • Ms. Grande - ELD
  • Ms Gac- 6th Grade English