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Special Education

The Special Education Department at Santa Fe consists of one psychologist, four special education teachers, four instructional aides, a speech and language pathologist, and designated 1:1 aides.
The adaptive physical education specialist and occupational therapist are also available when needed.  Each teacher is specially qualified to teach their given population.
Some of the specific credentials held by our special education teachers are educational specialist mild to moderate credentials, moderate to severe credentials, clear teaching credentials, autism certifications, and VPSS subject-specific credentials.
As educators to students with various disabilities, we are part of the educational system that provides identification, evaluation, and intervention for our students with exceptional needs. Within the classrooms, we work collaboratively with the school staff, professionals, and parents to create an individualized learning environment for each student based on their specific needs.
Our Special Education department members are:
  • Mr. Gibson - Math and Science
  • Mr. Huntley - Science and Social Studies
  • Ms. Wiley Magana - English
  • Ms. Ramirez - Life Skills
Our Special Education Instructional Aides are:
  • Connie Hsiao
  • Edward Castagnari
  • Claudia Roberts
  • Bryna Ocampo
  • Natalie Ridley
  • Bianca Torres
  • Anne Rozelle
  • Maha Hanson